zondag 31 augustus 2014

ATC's van Bridget (Schotland) en Elly

Op de valreep kwamen er nog wat atc's binnen.
Lekker zomerse van Elly en we hebben een nieuw lid, helemaal uit Schotland; Bridget

Hoi Bridget, we'd like to welcome you to our Atc - stamping club!
You're the first member from overseas and we love for you to keep sending us your atc's!
Our blog is in Dutch. I usually don't write much more than "here are the atc's from (insert name)"
But if you want anything translated, just send me an e-mail. Best send it to karindegraaff65@gmail.com , because we often forget to check the official atc-club e-mail :p
I'll hussle all the atc's we've received and then send you 3 summer-atc's. If you send me an e-mail, I'll have your e-mail adress too and wil contact you about the shippingcosts.
Again, it's nice that you joined our little group!

ATC's van (from) Bridget:

 heerlijke zomerse atc'svan Elly:

Volgende maand is het thema: muziek (next month's theme is : music)
Ik ben benieuwd wat jullie gaan maken! (Can't wait to see all of your creations!)

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